Ellen Elizabeth Portilla was raised in Thousand Oaks, CA and has always loved to draw!  From sketching out of drawing book, to painting murals in her and her sister’s closet, art has always been a part of her life.

     Ellen really started to take serious interest in art when she got into High School. She was accepted into the Advanced Placement Art class at Thousand Oaks High School. The training from this class helped her prepare for her move to the East Coast where she attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Ellen majored in Communication Design and specialized in illustration. She was also lucky enough to get an internship at “The New Yorker” Magazine in New York City where she was exposed to the commercial world.

  Now she is working on Children's Book Illustrations and writing. She is a member of Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators and is working on getting published.

Manuscripts & Dummy Works In Progress:
• Grouchosaurus Rex  • Yucky Peas    • Caz & Cally: Wings?
• Elvin & Mr. Measley    • Kodi's Diaper    • Pretty Potsy

To contact Ellen: ellen@ellengermainart.com

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